Give Your Lawn the Water it Needs

Of course, great fertilization and superior weed control is only part of what will make your lawn the best in the nighborhood. Without water, your grass will wilt and dry up! To ensure the very best for your lawn, speak to our experts about irrigation systems. We'll design and install a sprinkler system that will keep your grass peppy and healthy.

Our team of professionals can keep your lawn looking great! You'll get complete weed killing and lawn fertilization services when you turn to our Lee's Premium Greens program. Give your lawn the personal attention that it deserves, and work with the team that will notice potential weed or bug problems early and give you options to fix it.


 •  Deep Root Feeding

 •  Weed-N-Feed

 •  Crab Grass Control

 •   Lawn and Control

 •  Lawn Ant Control

 •  Snow Mold Control

 •  Deer Repellent

 •  Winter Fertilization

Don't Try to do Everything Yourself

You don't need to risk your lawn and waste your time by lugging around big bags of fertilizer and chemicals. Hire our expert team to help identify your needs and treat them safely and efficently.

We have more than 40 years of experience!


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