Lees Landscaping Inc. LLC Terms and Conditions


We require a 30% down payment prior to scheduling your project.

Payment shall be due in full upon completion of a project and receipt of an invoice.  Any remaining balance over 30 days shall be subject to 1.5% interest per month.

We accept checks, cash, and credit/debit cards (excluding American Express) for payment on landscape projects, however, there will be a 3% surcharge if payment is made with a credit card.

All accounts will be paid in full prior to any warranty work.

Due to the unique nature of plant material, it may not be possible for an exact plant replacement.  Our guarantee is for the purchase price of the plant only.  A customer may choose a different plant at the same value of the original plant.

Estimates are based under the assumption that the soil below the grade can be excavated without any unusual circumstances such as:  underground utilities, irrigation systems, heavily compacted soil, buried objects (concrete, rock, etc.).  It is the owner’s responsibility to notify us of the existence and location of “Private” underground utilities. If additional work is required to install the job, it will be billed in addition to the original estimate.

 Lee’s Landscaping will contact Mis Dig to mark commercial utilities prior to digging.

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