2987609 Keep your beloved pup where it will be safe and sound! Invest in a DogWatch invisible fence, the most modern, safe, and reliable invisible fence on the market. Your pet will be guarded from over-correction by the automatic shutdown feature, and you'll have options for any size of property. Ask about the Safelink FM digital technology! 

Customize Your System to Your Dog

It doesn't matter what kind of dog you have or what point it's at in its training. The DogWatch system offers 12 different levels, so you can ease your dog into its new set of rules and control the stimulation to protect your pup. Speak to one of our team members today about your pet and situation, and let us show you how useful the DogWatch system could be to you!

Get a Complete Lifetime Warranty

The transmitter and reciever that come with your DogWatch invisible fence are covered by a lifetime warranty. Get one today and enjoy complete peace of mind! Your receiver will be waterproof!


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